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18 October 18:00 - 21:00Ingensteds

The annual Webdagene / IxDA Oslo panel debate brings together some of the world's sharpest minds for an evening of fiery but friendly discussions on how UX is shaping the world we live in, and just how we want that world to work.

The evening kicks off with an entertaining review of our medium, segues into a panel debate and finishes off with the Webdagene Opening Party!

The event is organised by Webdagene and IxDA Oslo, and aims to bring the good people attending Norway's biggest conference for anyone working in the digital sphere, together with the good members of IxDA Oslo. (Not all of them, that would be like 5000 people, and Ingensteds simply isn't big enough.)

We expect everyone to behave like grown-ups and heed our very simple code of conduct: No harassment, period. Failure to do so will be met by a swift response at the discretion of the organizing team.

Get your ticket now - it's free!

The Web Where We Live – with Dataknut & Kodepoeten from Netlife

The early web sparked so much more than anyone had anticipated. And many of us who grew up in that wild wilderness of the early web, also grew up to have it as our day job. The web has evolved, and the wilderness has given way to four-lane highways and skyscrapers. While the early web helped foster so much innovation, we ponder what the current web will lead to. The ideas behind the once open, flexible and democratic World Wide Web are too important to leave behind.

In this talk, Knut and Nils muse on what makes the web what it is, and why this is not a given. We ask how the choices we make in interaction design, coding and digital strategy can leave people better prepared for the digital future, and challenge how we talk and think about the people who use the stuff we make.

What kind of web do we want to leave for those who come next?


Panel debate

What is the future of our field? How do we begin designing for voice? How should designers, technologists and product managers, but also lawyers, policy makers, politicians and the public tackle the rapid rate of technological change? And, what's the newly-minted designer to do when there is so much to specialize in, and so much to learn?

The panel includes Cheryl Platz (Microsoft), Jamie Bartlett (Demos), Lillian Ayla Ersoy (BEKK) and Marius Aabel (No Isolation), and is moderated by Fredrik Matheson of IxDA Oslo


Webdagene opening party

After the debate wraps up,  the Webdagene 2017 opening party begins


Marius Aabel

Marius er en av gründerne i No Isolation og har jobbet med både hardware og software siden han var 10 år gammel. Han brenner for å lage løsninger som folk elsker å bruke og som løser faktiske problemer i hverdagen. Om det er en app, en dings eller en web-side spiller mindre rolle.

No Isolation lager løsninger som hjelper mennesker ut av sosial isolasjon. Første produkt, AV1, gjør det mulig for langtidssyke barn og ungdom å delta i klasserommet og i sosiale aktiviteter selv om de må være hjemme eller på sykehuset. Webdagene digger folk som bruker teknologi for å løse problemer i samfunnet. Velkommen til Webdagene, Marius!

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Cheryl Platz

Cheryl is an internationally recognized expert on voice user interfaces and is currently a Senior Designer at Microsoft where she leads the Azure Portal and Marketplaces design team.

Her diverse experience as a user experience designer, product designer and producer spans multiple domains and industries. She was the first designer on the brand new Echo Look fashion photography device and designed the Alexa VUI notifications system. 

Cheryl has designed for billion-dollar server products, consumer devices, automotive infotainment, phones, desktops, and a variety of video games, theme parks, and websites.

Cheryl is also a professional actress with extensive experience in performing improvised comedy (short and long form), musical theatre, and scripted roles.

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Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the UK-based think-tank Demos. 

Jamie’s work focuses on the ways in which social media and modern communications and technology are changing political and social movements, with a special emphasis on terrorism and radical political movements.

In 2014, Jamie published The Dark Net with William Heinemann about hidden internet subcultures, followed up by his second book  ‘Radicals’ which explores the lives and views of  people and groups seeking to radically change how we live our lives.

He writes frequently in a number of national and international outlets, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the Sunday Times.

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Lillian Ayla Ersoy

Lillian Ayla is a Creative Director at BEKK and has 12 years of experience with conceptualization and design of digital and physical products/ installations. Her diverse portfolio includes branding, visual communication, UI/UX, insight, concept development, immersive design and IoT. She is curious, complex and constantly exploring how we look at design, people, technology and that space in-between.  

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Nils Norman Haukås

Kodepoeten – Nils Norman Haukås. Interaction designer by education, programmer by trade. Hopeful that eventually we’ll get this technology thing right.

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Knut Melvær

Dataknut – Knut Melvær, Senior technologist at Netlife by day, PhD student in the study of religions by night.

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Fredrik Matheson

Fredrik Matheson is an Experience Lead at BEKK Consulting, where he helps Norwegian and international businesses and institutions succeed with digital transformation.

Fredrik is also managing director of IxDA Oslo, and will moderate the panel debate.

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